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Reading Success Lab and Educational Help, Inc. (parent company) Company Profile

Reading Success Lab began many years ago with a conversation after a hard fought tennis match between close friends Mike Royer and Jeremy Wise.  Mike was struggling with the computer tools available to him for conducting his University of Massachusetts research on students with learning difficulties. He found these tools did not meet his specific research needs and was quite dissatisfied. Knowing that Jeremy had extensive experience developing software and hardware for specific kinds of data collection, he explained  his problem and asked if Jeremy would be interested in developing a system for collecting accuracy and response time data appropriate for use as a research tool in research labs such as his. Jeremy responded affirmatively and so began what has become the Reading Success Lab System.

Mike's research indicated that both the assessment and intervention capabilities of the system that Jeremy designed were valid and effective, and in 2001 Jeremy and Mike decided to create a company, Educational Help Inc., which began to market the system that Jeremy had created.  At first the product was specific for conducting research and marketed to university researchers like Mike.  In 2003 Reading Success Lab was created with the specific goal of creating assessment and intervention products that could be used at home, in school settings, in tutoring settings, and in research laboratories.  This required a thorough re-engineering of the products and these products first became available to the public in 2004.

Since the introduction of the assessment and intervention components of the Reading Success Lab products in 2004, the system has been used by many educational and psychological researchers, educators working in a school settings, and parents working with their children at home.  

The Reading Success Lab system has changed enormously since its first introduction.  The Educational Help team is continuously improving the product line based on the needs, feedback and requests of our customers.  In addition, in the near future Educational Help Inc. will launch a second product line marketed on another web site, Math Success Lab.  The math products will be based on the math research Mike has completed in his university research laboratory. 


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