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 Reading Success Lab Products for Educators and Tutoring Centers

The Reading Success Lab products are targeted at children and adults who have struggled in learning to read.

These products include tools to identify the source of a reading problem, to help a readers successfully overcome their reading problems, and to tailor intervention activities to the particular needs of the reader.

These products are based on more than 20 years of research at a University based research laboratory that developed effective procedures for working with children and adults who have struggled in learning to read.

Research behind the products


Assessment - Testing for the Source of a Reading Problem

The Reading Success Lab Assessments are used to determine the nature of a reading problem. Children and adults have difficulty learning to read for many reasons and our assessments can often identify the underlying problem.

  • Administered via computer with results produced immediately

  • Assessments appropriate for Kindergarten through Adult

  • Quickly screen for the presence of a reading problem

  • Identify where in the range of reading skills automaticity or fluency break down

  • Software generated matching of assessment profiles with profiles for students with a variety of reading problems

  • Re-administer assessments as frequently as once per week to closely track reading progress and to contribute to data driven decision making and response to intervention (RTI) considerations

  • Produce software generated reading reports that are comprehensive, customized for the reader, and that can be edited to incorporate information generated by the educator or tutor

  • Available for installation on a single computer or networked to a computer laboratory, school or school system More Information about Assessment Products
Reading Success Lab Products for Educators and Tutoring Centers

Skill Builder Interventions - Overcoming a Reading Problem

The Reading Success Lab interventions, called Skill Builder Exercises, are rapid word or math-fact retrieval exercises designed to develop automatic word recognition and math fact skills. These exercises strengthen reading skills even when other approaches such as phonics have failed.

  • Administered via computer with progress reported immediately
  • Software notifies user, teacher or tutor when materials have been mastered
  • Materials available Kindergarten to College
  • Virtually all students display rapid progress, building much needed confidence and providing motivation for continued practice
  • Software available in single installation or networked versions

More Information About Skill Builder Interventions

Designer Module - Customizing Materials

The Designer Module is used to develop custom materials for use with either the Assessment or Skill Builder software. The custom developed material works just like the materials produced by Reading Success Lab. Teachers and schools can incorporate material from their own curriculums. Tutors and tutoring systems can develop assessments and skill builders based on materials that have proven to be effective for them.

Listed below are some of the uses of the Designer Module:
  • Master new vocabulary in textbooks or other reading sources before the material has to be read for comprehension

  • Determine appropriate placement levels for incoming students

  • Develop new vocabulary lists from assigned novels and other reading sources

  • Spelling lists

  • Vocabulary lists

  • Foreign language words

  • Custom Comprehension Exercises

  • Develop specialized practice materials based on driver license manuals, plumbing manuals, etc.

    More Information About Developing Customized Materials
Reading Success Lab Products for Educators and Tutoring Centers

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