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  Free Reading Screening & Sample Intervention Sets

Reading Success lab offers free samples of our Assessment & Intervention system. The free Assessment is our Reading Screening Assessment. The free Interventions are short fluency exercises at a variety of levels of difficulty. You may request our Free System by filling out and submitting the Free Trial Request Form further down.
Free Reading Screening Assessment
The free screening assessment is a quick assessment that indicates whether a reading problem might be present. The screening software generates a report describing the results of the testing. If a reading problem might be present, the software recommends more thorough testing. 
  • This screening is for children grades 3 through 8 and takes about 20 minutes to complete
  • Speed of response is measured by speaking into a microphone or a SPACEBAR press coincident with spoken response
  • Accuracy of response is recorded by a 2nd person, "scorer" using the mouse buttons
  • A report will be generated at your computer that describes the results of the testing along with suggested courses of action
Free Sample Interventions [Skill Builder Exercises]
These exercises are short fluency exercises that promote fluency by encouraging sight recognition of words and math facts. They are not phonics-based and work well children who have not progressed as hoped for with phonics instruction.
  • No microphone is used
  • Free interventions are 1st/3rd/5th/7th grade words and multiplication math facts
  • Child works with a set until “mastered” which is indicated by the software
  • Child’s progress is displayed after each session
How are the Products For Sale Different?
The items for sale work just like the free versions, however the for sale products are much more comprehensive.
  • The Comprehensive Assessments consist of 8 tasks as opposed to 3 and take approximately 90 minutes
  • The report is very detailed and will run 8-10 pages as opposed to 1-2
  • The Skill Builder Exercises consist of 480 items each as opposed to 12 in the samples
Request Free Reading Screening & Sample Interventions
Please fill out the form below and then click the Submit button. An email will be sent to you with instructions and a link for downloading the Free System. Due to the large number of requests we no longer request your phone#. Please call us toll free at: 1.877.286.2801 and we would be happy to discuss the particulars of your situation!

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