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Licensing Your Purchase

After a purchase is made it is nessary to upgrade your license to include your purchased items in order to gain access to them. Until your license is upgraded your existing license will dictate which components you may access. If this is the first purchase then only the Free Trial components will be available until you upgrade your license.

Upgrading your license involves your generating a site code at your computer [explained below] and emailing it to us. We then return to you a site key that you enter into the computer which enables your purchased items. As it is easy to make transcription errors, it is best to transfer the code/key by copy and paste. The steps below detail the process of updating your license.

1) Click the desktop icon to start the CAAS Menu module.

Step 1

2) From the CAAS Menu module click the button labeled Configure in the section labeled License. The License Help will give you a step by step description of retrieving your Site Code and inserting the returned Site Key if you do not find the subsequent screens sufficiently self-explanatory.

Step 2

3) Next a screen will appear informing you that it is only necessary to configure the license when you have purchased new components. Select OK.

Step 3

4) Next the screen below will appear. Click the Display Site Code ... button.

Step 4

5) When you get to the License Configuration screen, drag the mouse over the 18 digit site code to highlight it and copy it to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl C key combination. Then paste the Site Code into an email to us by pressing the Ctrl V key combination.

6) We will return to you a Site Key, which you will copy/paste into the Site Key field and then press the Validate button. You do not need to keep the license program running. When you receive the Site Key, simply return to the License Configuration screen and enter the Site Key.

Step 6


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