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Michael Gallagher, Elementary School SPED teacher
"I think the automaticity training is excellent!"

Kathleen Robinson, Tutoring Center Teacher
"The Reading Success Lab program is indeed a success for disadvantaged readers. I have assessed my at risk readers and was amazed that a few of them were diagnosed as dyslexic. The follow up one-word practice certainly helped."

Ben Shaull, grandparent
"I am continuing to use the intervention software in our home schooling environment. My Grandson, David, gets at least 30 minutes daily, some days an hour. The sight words are improving his reading. His parents and my wife all note the great difference it is making in his reading. It's a good program and it does impact the areas of his greatest needs."

Jon Hurwitz, Grade 5 teacher
In just five sessions with the Skill Builder Module I could hear a difference in the oral reading fluency of my three least confident readers. They're highly motivated to improve with the Skill Builder Module Software. With the Skill Builder Module it is easy to keep track of each student's progress to share with parents at conference time. No special expertise is required to work with the Skill Builder Module program. I've trained volunteers in fifteen minutes to effectively work with my most reluctant readers. I'm very excited about a new Designer Module that allows me to program the vocabulary I'll be teaching in novels and other units, so that my students get to preview and practice these words. The Skill Builder Module software is making learning more accessible for my at-risk students every day."

Ali Hashemian, Ph.D., Attention & Achievement Center President
"Just a note that we have now been using our Reading Success Lab tools and love the results. It is an excellent program at a fraction of the costs of other programs, yet much more comprehensive."

Greg Nunn, Ph.D. , President, California Association for Behavior Analysis
"Since purchasing the full enchilada I have assessed a couple of people including myself. I found the Screening and Full versions extremely helpful in identifying specific skill deficits and offering recommendations for remediating them with the other student I assessed."

Jeffrey J. Walczyk, Ph.D. Psychology & Behavioral Sciences, Louisiana Tech University
"I just concluded a major NSF-funded reading project and used the Cognitive Aptitude Assessment System to measure the subcomponent efficiencies of third, fifth, and seventh-graders. The system worked extremely well, producing highly reliable and valid data. Moreover, it was extremely easy for research assistants to master and for children to understand. I recommend it highly and plan on using it in the future."

Seymour Burack, Educational Psychologist
"With RTI in the forefront, Reading Success Lab is by far a winner. The diagnostic capabilities of the software and follow up remediation is exactly what School Psychologists and Reading Specialists are looking for. Remediation follows data collection and assessment. In my opinion, it's by far a winner. Diagnosis is precise and the software is user friendly."

Louise Crowell, Learning & Tutoring Center Director
"I am extremely pleased with the results of the skill builder module for students who have difficulty with learning words through phonics. The students like the success they see and are encouraged when we review the graphs together."

Stephen Armstrong Ph.D., Kumon Educational Center Director
"I have seen Reading Success Lab's computer-assisted reading program help struggling readers who have significant reading disabilities. It is well-researched, practical, inexpensive, and well-implemented. For parents, it is a Godsend, because it is practical and offers hope. For teachers and special education teachers, it can be implemented easily in the classroom with a computer. The results can be measured accurately, so parents, teachers, and students can proceed according to the student's pace and skill acquisition. Combined with other reading supplementary programs (such as Kumon), Reading Success Lab will enable your reader to quickly grasp the phonological basis of fluent reading.

Hans Dekkers, Family friend
"In the course of friendship between two families, I became aware of a persistent reading problem in one of their sons. Research let me to this [Reading Success lab] Diagnostic Software. We were able to positively diagnose the son's condition as Phonological Processing Disorder. All his reading tutors to date had worked with different phonics-based programs to get him to read, whilst phonics was the very 'language' that he could not decipher. It was like teaching basic math to an English student, with the tutor lecturing in Russian! We switched to tutoring through sight reading and in are now - six months later - making very fast progress. We are deeply grateful for both the Diagnostic Software as well as the outstanding after-purchase coaching that we received."

Ashlei McFarlane M.Sc., Educational Psychologist
The report was extremely useful and I wish I had it long ago. It delivered the results I expected but the detail of the report was a very pleasant surprise. I think this software is excellent. The customer service from Dr. Wise has been timely and friendly and I am looking forward to completing my purchase of the full version once the trial period is over. My expectations have been exceeded.

Mary Lorenz, Elementary School Teacher
"My fourth grade students are motivated to practice sight words because of the graph that shows their improvements. It is very helpful."

Robert Ruth, Public school reading teacher
"My students really look forward to using it [Skill Builder] because they don't have to ask me for the pronunciation of a word during the review phase, they can focus on each word during the testing phase and the progress chart is 'proof' that they are improving. Most importantly, their focus and motivation to do well is markedly increased.

A 6th grade girl was referred to me because of reading comprehension difficulties. When she first started with Skill Builder (3 times a week), she was on 3rd grade words and she was slow and unsure of herself. Within about two weeks, I noticed an increase in her confidence such that she has moved in one month to 5th grade words. When I asked her how she liked the Skill Builder exercises, she said that it helped her recognize words more quickly when she was reading for her other classes."

Maurissa Davis, Elementary School Teacher
"With the help of this software [Skill Builder], a young man I worked with went from a level H at the beginning of the school year to a level L by the end. I would highly recommend this software to any educator."

Mark Monaghan, Elementary School Teacher, Australia
"....the CAAS programme has been a useful tool in providing the immediate feedback that my students have required. This feedback is in a form which is meaningful and appropriate. The programme is easy to use and able to be manipulated to meet the individual needs of the my students. It provides ongoing

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